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In this beautiful session we focus on Transforming our grief and leaning into the love that you hold in your heart and the legacy of the person you are grieving.

Our Founder/ Director Bill Sullivan will guide through some mindful practices of awareness, acceptance, forgiveness and love. Focusing on these pillars of our practice we discover that grief is a part of life and shows us the person or thing we are grieving is a part of us.

Included in this course are various meditations and activities designed to turn the mind from suffering to healing.  Including some videos/ted talks on the subject, readings, and lessons.
What you are going to learn


This course attempts to provide you with mindfulness tools and practices to help you discover that grief is a reflection of love. In it you will move from sorrow to love, pain to peace, denial to acceptance.
Throughout this course you will be provided many practices including:

  • Guided Meditations
  • Mindfulness Lessons
  • A Workshop in moving to Acceptance
  • Various Lessons
  • How to turn to and uphold the Legacy of the person you love.

Bill Gisclair-Sullivan

Author, Mindfulness Teacher, Transformational Coach
Bill is the Founder/Director of Meditate: School of Mindfulness and Author of A Mindful Peace: The Hero's Journey.

Bill presents this course inspired by his own grief through the loss of his Mother.