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Foundations of Mindfulness

Our beginner's Immersion Programs is the perfect place to practice and dive into a space of Transformation.
Over 6-Week Course (done at your own pace) you will be guided through  Workshops, be assigned a daily Intention and Meditation Practice, as well as have weekly readings and assignments to be completed at your own pace.

Our Founder/Director Bill Gisclair-Sullivan has been working as a Mindfulness Coach for many years and opened Meditate: School of Mindfulness in 2017 in order to share the practice with as many people as possible. In the years since, Bill has found there is such a need for this practice all across the country. He has trained and works to develop coaches and teachers, and works with them to build on their passion and learn how to share it with the world. This is an opportunity to work directly with Bill to Transform your life. Bill has developed these programs that are customizable to fit the goals and desires of ANYONE.
While the core of the course is structured; the work and lessons are geared towards whatever direction you want to go. He is excited to bring these programs to people at the School , Online, or a combination of both.
Read on to learn more, and as always Bill would love to talk with you about how this program may be just what you're looking for. ​
What you are going to learn

A few more words about this course

Our in-depth programs are designed to take you to a deep level of understanding the practice. We have developed these programs to be done completely in our school or to be taken online (remote studies), or a combination of both.

During the course you will not only be given all the tools you need move forward with a deep level of understanding of the core pillars of the practice. While there are many training programs out there most don't offer a customized program that includes many hours of one-on-one coaching and the ability to practice with groups or individuals. Our program is an immersive program, meaning you will be given all the tools you need to practice through each module of this Course. 
Throughout this course you will discover:

  • The Practices of Presence
  • The Meaning and Practice of Radical Acceptance 
  • How to Turn up the Gratitude
  • What it means to not just Love but to BE LOVE
  • How Forgiveness is a Healing Practice
  • The tools needed ti live a more INTENTIONAL LIFE

Bill Gisclair-Sullivan

Founder/Director of Meditate: School of Mindfulness

Transformational Life Coach, Hypnotherapist, Master Sound healer, Master Yoga nidra Teacher,  Transformational Psychologist, Mentor
Bill has a passion for transformation and has built his life's work around awakening the power we all have inside to transform our lives. Bill calls himself a transformational coach and has developed a program to teach other coaches how to awaken the power of transformation in their clients.Bill brings his passion for modern mindfulness and mindful acceptance into his teachings and works with other coaches and clients. True transformation cannot happen until we reach that place of present time awareness. This includes accepting where we are and where we have been in our lives as well as focusing on what we are doing NOW to get us where we want to be tomorrow.Mindful Transformational Coaching brings the miracle of mindfulness and the power of acceptance into our practice and our lives. This multi-layered coaching approach isn't based around any religion, it is a inward spiritual awakening that is focused on mind, body and spirit alignment. We know that there is no truth we can teach that our client doesn't already hold, we just help bring it to the surface. In every one of us there is an authentic truth waiting to be set free. This isn’t the person we were told to be or that we expect ourselves to be but the person we are MEANT to be. This authentic truth moves us away from addiction, anxiety, stress anger, depression, or whatever t is that has us, or our client out of balance. Bill teaches us how to connect to our client through deep listening, using mindful connection, breaking down the usual barriers that block our clients from sharing and discovering their true gifts.

Course reviews

LearnWorlds is the best learning platform I found so far. I was pleasantly surprised with the possibilities.
Walter White
Senior product manager
LearnWorlds is the best learning platform I found so far. I was pleasantly surprised with the possibilities.
Walter White
Senior product manager